CAD6 Pro – Professional 2D CAD

Malz++Kassner CAD6 Pro is the entrance to professional 2D CAD with all kernel functions.

It features 75 commands alone for comfortable creation of drawing objects, plus numerious functions for working with curves and surfaces, as well as automatic trimming commands, equidistants, clippings, mappings, multiple lines, archiving of drawings, automatic saving, parts lists creation, etc.

Benefit from many additional layer and pen management as well as object modification commands, use dynamic variables and internal databases, create scenarios for frequently used output jobs, calculate perimeters, surface and controids, and much more.


It also comes with a 32bit/64bit programming interface, which allows it to be extended with plug-ins. Standard plug-ins can be purchased separately but is also possible to create custom plug-ins. This Open CAD Interface is fully documented (description of the programming interface, the file format of drawings and libraries, sample plug-ins), allowing the user to create specific plug-ins tailored to his needs by himself or have them created by others.

All programs of the CAD6 series are 100% data-compatible and contain Smart 2D Technology.

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Perpetual Buying Licenses CAD6 Pro

Single License: 825.—  €  w/o VAT 981.75 €  with 19% VAT
Additional License: 495.—  €  w/o VAT 589.05 €  with 19% VAT

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