CAD6 Publisher – Illustration & Pre-Press

Malz++Kassner CAD6 Publisher is a special package made of components of the CAD6 series, specifically targeted for tasks like creating technical illustrations, graphics, and layouts, and for desktop publishing. By featuring the CAD6 PDF Printer, it additionally enables you to create professional pre-press files that can be sent directly to online printing companies.

In addition to all major 2D drawing commands and the 3D part for creating and editing 3D components, the package contains all graphically oriented plug-ins such as texture, color gradients, text on path, Bézier splines, arrows, bitmap export, and construction aid.


The construction aid and confortable comands for creating and editing surfaces and outlines allow you to create extensive grahpics and illustrations in no time.

While doing so, you benefit from the mixture of high-precision methods of a CAD system on the one hand, and powerful graphics, text, font, and color options on the other hand. Create professional printed matter such as brochures, flyers, and posters using transparencies, CMYK colors, and bitmaps, resulting in PDF files, as well as high-quality bitmaps for websites as JPEG and PNG files.


2D objects, 3D components and bitmaps can easily be combined and placed in blocks. Flexible page and mapping options allow to create multiple formats simultaneously within one drawing file. Use scenarios to permently store output jobs with their parameters to repeat them in a controlled manner at any later time. One mouse click and dozens of predefined bitmaps and PDF files will be created automatically from one single file.
It comes with a 32bit/64bit programming interface, which allows it to be extended with plug-ins. Standard plug-ins can be purchased separately but is also possible to create custom plug-ins. This Open CAD Interface is fully documented (description of the programming interface, the file format of drawings and libraries, sample plug-ins), allowing the user to create specific plug-ins tailored to his needs by himself or have them created by others.

Attention! The CAD6 PDF Printer cannot be used on Windows Server operating systems!

All programs of the CAD6 series are 100% data-compatible and contain Smart 2D Technology.

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The package consists of:

CAD6 Pro
CAD6 PDF Printer
• Plug-In “3D”
• Plug-In “Text on Path”
• Plug-In “Drawing”
• Plug-In “Color Handling”
• Plug-In “Texture/Color Gradient”
• Plug-In “Construction Aid”
• Plug-In “Digitizer Support”
• Plug-In “Bitmap Export”

Expandable with all additional
plug-ins from the CAD6 series.

Perpetual Buying Licenses CAD6 Publisher

Single License: 1,455.—  €  w/o VAT 1,731.45 €  with 19% VAT
Additional License: 873.—  €  w/o VAT 1,038.87 €  with 19% VAT

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