Layers in CAD6 offer more: Choose different properties for screen display and output. Organize layers in folders to work on whole layer groups all at once. Control the layer visibility during output using multi-purpose flags and search for layer names.

In addition to usual parameters such as “Display”, “Print”, and “Lock”, layers can be grayed and ignored during snapping operations. Furthermore, layers can be partially transparent. But most special feature are the separated properties for display and output which, for example, enable you use colors for distinction of the screen while you use line patterns and line widths instead when output to the printer.
In order to easily navigate up to 2,000 layers in a drawing, layers can be arranged in folders. In addition, you can search for names or parameters within the layer dialog, and you can assign a comment to each layer in addition to its name that can be searched, too.

In cooperation with Scenarios, different sets of layer settings can be stored under a name and recalled at any later time. Maybe for output to different devices or for everyday's work. Just one click to switch between different working sets for, say, drywall contractors, electricians, and heating engineers.

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