Statements in Texts

Using statements within texts, you can alter variables and display values in specific formats. Define the display mode of numbers, calculate formulas, and modify the text to be displayed based on variable contents.

Statements in texts are enclosed in curly braces and can be nested any way. The easiest statement is used to simply calculate the result of a value defined by a Formula Input, such as {1/3}. But the output of the result of this formula can also be additionally modified with control statements.
This allows you, for example, to define the number of fractional digits displayed or the decimal separator to be used (point or comma).

Furthermore, statements can contain conditional statements, making the resulting text depedent on the value of a specific variable or a text comparison.

Variables can be used within text statements at any time. It is even possible to assemble a variable’s name from separate texts and the results of multiple statements, and to use the value of that assembled variable in another statement or formula. The possibilities are manifold!

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