Download Tools

CAD6 Unlock Program

Unlock Program (64-bit) [MKUnlock_64bit.exe, 200 KiB]
Unlock Program (32-bit) [MKUnlock_32bit.exe, 200 KiB]

Universal unlock program for all Malz++Kassner products. You will require this program to register the unlock code you received from us as a text file with your computer.

CAD6 Dongle Software

Dongle Information [PDF, 1 page]

Information on how to install the USB dongle and the optional dongle-server software for CAD6.

Dongle Server Software (64-bit) [ZIP, 560 KiB]
Dongle Server Software (32-bit) [ZIP, 540 KiB]

Dongle Server Software for CAD6 (dialog-based and service-based edition) with installation guide.

Dongle Driver

USB Drivers [ZIP, 62 KiB]

64-bit and 32-bit Drivers for the CAD6 Dongle for the USB Interface in Windows.
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