What’s Support & Updates?

Along with each buying license of Malz++Kassner CAD6 you purchase Support & Updates for the next 12 months. The support covers all questions and problems related to the respective program (installation, configuration, data exchange, construction, development of custom plug-ins, etc.).

Updates include both bug fixes (service packs) and completely new program versions. Both can be downloaded for free.

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In case of a buying license, you can choose to renew Support & Updates for additional 12 months as long as it did not yet expire, and you will be charged 20% of the respective single buying license’s price (or additional buying license’s price, if applicable). For all plug-ins purchased separately we charge 20% of the plug-in’s single license price or additional license’s price when renewing the respective CAD6 Pro license.

Your Support & Updates will not automatically be renewed. You don't conclude any kind of support agreement and you don't have to terminate anything. We will inform you in time about the expiry of your Support & Updates so that you can decide whether or not to renew it for another 12 months.

Once Support & Updates has expired, it is no longer possible to renew Support & Updates. In such cases, a new current license can be purchased as replacement. Depending on the circumstances, we will grant a discount of up to 20% off the list price. For exact prices, please refer to our Product Information with Prices in Euro [PDF, 10 MiB]

With CAD6 Industry and CAD6 Studio, the support also includes the unlock codes for all newly released plug-ins that become part of the respective edition. Just send us an e-mail in which you state your user name and unlock code for CAD6 Industry or CAD6 Studio and a list of the desired plug-ins, and you will receive an e-mail response containing the unlock codes immediately!
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