In addition to the usual Layers, CAD6 offers pens for the structuralisation of the drawing. Pens are used to summarise optically identical contours (the same colour, line pattern, line thickness, etc.) independent of layers.

Each pen contains all properties required to display objects: filling and line color, line width and line pattern, line end-styles, filling mode, opacity and some additional options. Each object assigned to a pen automatically uses those properties unless they are explicitely overwritten. Once a pen changes, all objects assigned to it will reflect that change immediately.
Like layers, pen can define different sets of properties for screen display and for output. In addition, each pen can be assigned to a layer that will automatically be activated once that pen is chosen. Using the combination of layers and pens, complex drawings can be organized much finer and with more clarity than with layers alone.

In cooperation with Scenarios, different sets of pen settings can be stored under a name and recalled at any later time. Maybe for output to different devices or for everyday's work. Just one click to switch between different working sets for, say, B/W printing, color printing, plotter putput, data export, or PDF printing.

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