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Solution for Automated Guided Vehicles

Staying On Track In Spite Of No Driver: Götting KG Is Planning Lines for Autonomous Vehicles From Curve Radius To Speed Using Special CAD Software

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems take workpieces from one machine to the next machine or convey entire truck loads between different factory buildings. They handle recurring logistic processes in an automated fashion and thus remain more flexible than rail vehicles. Navigation and guidance of separate transporters are decisive for the smooth flow.

Götting KG, one of the market leaders in wireless data communication and guidance technologies for automated guided vehicles, has developed its own add-on to the CAD6studio design program in collaboration with the IT specialists Malz++Kassner. Now vehicle movements including tractrix curves can be simulated based on a predefined track. At the same time, the software may also be used for designing components: Thanks to a guideline function, it is possible to construct complex geometries in a simple manner.

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Report Automated Guided Vehicles [PDF, 5 pages, 200 KiB]
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