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CAD6 Release 2023.2 is available now!

The most recent improvements and extensions:

New: Parameter Window – The new Parameter Window shows the most important parameters and options at the screen's edge. The following commands benefit in particular:
• When generating a surface, a direct preview is now available. Using the Parameter Window, you can choose for each individual reference point whether normal drawing objects, Construction Aid objects, and/or Snapping Guide objects shall be recognized.
• The commands "Line > Polyline / Curve" and "Polygon > Freeform / Surface" are now controlled via Parameter Window with more options and feature a better feedback during input.
• The two commands each for "Contour Tracking Curve" and "Contour Tracking Surface" have been combined and are controlled using additional options in the Parameter Window.
• The trimming commands "Automatic Trim / Cut Out" and "Automatic Lengthen" are now controlled via Parameter Window with more options and can also use the dynamic snapping guide.
• The trimming commands "Assemble Surface" and "Assemble Curve" are now also controlled via options in the Parameter Window and more versatile than before.
New: Improved Snapping Modes – The two "Intersection" snap modes have been combined and can be controlled using "Construct > Display > Idle". "Corner/Endpoint" and "Marking" snap modes have been merged.
New: General Context Menu – Right-clicking an object in the drawing window invokes the new Context Menu by default, offering commands specific to the clicked object.
New: Block Handling – The "Insert Block" dialog is now clearer. A rotation angle can now optionally be entered with the mouse. Any inserted blocks can immediately be copied from a library into the drawing as internal blocks or resolved into groups in order to be independent of the library.
New: Hatchings and Line Types – 200+ hatchings and 90+ line types are accessible as factory defaults in the respective dialog.
New: Now with 150+ Libraries – All available Standard Libraries with more than 20,000 symbols are now included with CAD6industrie and CAD6studio. The "Manage Libraries" dialog searches for libraries and offers them for easy and fast opening.
New: New Drawing with Frames and Title Blocks – The "File > New Drawing" command is now much more convenient. In addition to different sheet sizes and page counts, drawing frames and title blocks can now also be selected directly. In addition, a list of recently used templates is available.
New: Preview for the Snapping function – Get a preview showing which point would be snapped from the current position (including its derivation and coordinates) while moving the crosshairs. After snapping, you get much more detailed information about the point that was actually snapped.

For a detailed list, please refer to the change log in the CAD6 Online Manual.

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