Overview of CAD6 Licensing Models

Depending on your field of application, we offer different licensing models for using CAD6 in your business, or for school and education. Please contact us to receive a written quotation that we’ll send you as a PDF document via e-mail. For commercial customers in Europe, we also offer delivery on account.

You can choose between CAD6team, individual rental licenses, and perpetual buying licenses:


If you have several CAD6 users at your company, please take a look at CAD6team. It offers a huge number of users for a very attractive flat rental fee.

Several different offers are available and can be purchased online or upon account. You acquire the right to use the product for the given period.

Rental Licenses

Rental licenses for CAD6 are available online via our Order Page on monthly or annual terms at attractive monthly rates.

With a rental license, you acquire the right to use the product for the given period. It will automatically be renewed unless cancelled. The license includes Support & Updates for its duration.

Buying Licenses

Perpetual CAD6 buying licenses can either be purchased online via our Order Page or ordered directly from us in writing.

With each buying license, you acquire the perpetual right to use the product (see Product Support). Additionally, each license includes 12 months of English Support & Updates.

Choose single and additional licenses or a site license for your whole company.

Unlocking and Activation

After the initial 30 days trial period is over, CAD6 must be unlocked once, or it will no longer save or print files. After being unlocked the application temporarily continues to run without restrictions. Within 30 days after unlocking, the application must be activated on the computer it has been installed upon.

This can be done by either entering a computer-specific Activation Key (the license can only be used on this single computer) or by installing a separately available physical or virtual CAD6dongle (the license can be used on multiple computers successively, see Network). After activation, the program will be fully usable.
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