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Malz++Kassner CAD6industrie is the comprehensive 2D/3D CAD/CAM solution for industrial use. In addition to all features of CAD6studio including SMART2D Technology, the program includes a CAM plug-in and a universal, script-based post-processor for flexible and efficient generation of CNC data for machine controllers.

The CAM plug-in supports the following machining procedures: milling, drilling, turning, water jet cutting, laser cutting, as well as cutting, plotting, and positioning.
Included post-processors:
  • Universal DIN-ISO
  • Siemens DIN-ISO (Milling) and (Turning) with SINUMERIK 8XX controller
  • Heidenhain DIN-ISO (Milling) and (Turning) with TNC 4XX controller
  • Heidenhain Klartext (Milling) with TNC 4XX controller
  • DATRON milling machine CAT3D
  • isel NCP
  • Zünd cutter (with material feed)
  • HP-GL
  • Minimal HP-GL (using PU and PD only)

Commands like milling cutter compensation, pocket milling, milling order control, milling time calculation and a graphical 3D preview let you create drawings that are directly milled later. Extensive tool and machine settings, plus output of custom commands (such as cycles or sub-programs) by means of symbols, give you the complete control over what the post-processors finally output to the machine!

The 150+ included 2D and Isometric 3D libraries for CAD6 contain views of standard parts and symbols. Use of the appropriate symbol library for your particular field will save you a considerable amount of time and will greatly enhance the quality of your work. Professional quality drawings will become even easier! For detailed information please refer to the CAD6 Standard Libraries.

Furthermore, CAD6industrie comes with a powerful programming interface which allows to extend the program with custom plug-ins. This CAD6interface is fully documented (description of the programming interface, the file format of drawings and libraries, sample plug-ins) and may be used royalty-free.

Use your own plug-ins: By means of the pro­gram­ming interface (API), you can easily create custom plug-ins that open brand new possibilities. Program your own solutions or let us do that for you – just call us! For more information, please refer to Programming (API).


Included when buying a perpetual first license: If necessary, we create a custom post-processor based on the universal post-processor. This new post-processor will then be incorporated into the next version of CAD6industrie. Also available for rental and educational licenses at a flat rate
SMART2D Technology

CAD6 is a universal 2D/3D CAD Software for Windows, but its main focus is on 2D drawing and construction. For this, CAD6 offers numerous features you won’t find that way in any other CAD system, especially facilitating the creation and modification of 2D drawings significantly.

Detailed explanation of the SMART2D Technology »

All programs of the CAD6 series are 100% data-compatible.

If you have several CAD6industrie and CAD6studio users at your company, please take a look at CAD6team. It offers a huge number of users for a very attractive flat rental fee.

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