CAD6 Rental Licenses

Rental licenses for CAD6 are available exclusively online via our Order Page on monthly or on annual terms at attractive monthly rates.

With a rental license, you acquire the right to use the product for the given period. The license includes Support & Updates for its duration.

Monthly rental licenses will automatically be renewed unless cancelled. Annual licenses can only be renewed by manually purchasing another annual rental license (which will extend the usage period by one year) in time.

Depending on the number of seats to be equipped, we offer two different licensing models for rental licenses:

Single Rental License

A single license may only be used on one computer at a time.

Use an optional, physical CAD6dongle to move a license unconstrained from computer to computer. Only available while Support & Updates has not yet expired.

Multiple Rental Licenses

If you rent multiple licenses at once, you’ll get a discount. Please visit our Order Page and place the desired number of rental licenses into the shopping cart to get information on the currently applicable discount. This discount may change at any time based on varying offers.

CAD6team Rental License

If you have several CAD6 users at your company, please take a look at CAD6team. It offers a huge number of users for a very attractive flat rental fee.

It’s available in several editions and can be purchased both online and upon account. Available to commercial customers only.

Free Dongle Server Software

The optional CAD6 Dongle Server is available for free and allows to dynamically distribute existing licenses within the local network at one location. See Network.

Using a current rental license, you can also use older versions of the product if that is either necessary for technical reasons (e.g. older operating system versions) or just desired for continuity. In the scope of Support & Updates, you also get support for older versions in form of consulting and technical support. Error corrections or functional expansions for older versions, however, are not available.
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