Programming using the CAD6interface (API)

You’re looking for a solution especially for your application? You don’t find an easy way to achieve something? Talk to us and let’s find the ideal solution yor you! Many solutions are already contained in the software and we’ll help you finding and using them.

Create Your Own Plug-Ins

The completely documented, free, and open programming interface CAD6interface (API) enables you to extent the program by yourself with self-made plug-ins. Custom solutions can easily be implemented using the plug-in interface.

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Self-programmed plug-ins can be used with all editions of CAD6, including the free CAD6starter.

If you wish to pass on your solution to your partners with more flexibility and style, we offer CAD6engine as a custom-made edition of CAD6 made only for you at a flat fee – personalized with your company name if you like – plus an installation data package that already contains your plug-ins. You may pass that on to others, e.g. to your customers.

We Program Plug-Ins For You

If you prefere, we create plug-ins especially for you that will adapt CAD6 to your wishes easily and at a reasonable price. Especially the calculation of data, as well as the import and export of special, custom file formats (such as measuring and control data, databases, NC programs) are easy to implement, and will extend your productivity with CAD6 significantly.

Profit from our 35 years of experience in creating CAD and graphics software, thus making your life easier!

Please contact us via e-mail or call us at +49 531 400 137 for more information.

CAD6 is Open

Open CAD6 File Formats (MKD)

Your data is precious. This is why all drawings and libraries are, as a matter of principle, always saved using an open file format. This file format is completely documented and may be used without any royalties. In addition, it is text-based so that it can be opened and edited using a standard text editor if necessary.

Open CAD6 Programming Interface (API)

The completely documented, free, and open programming interface CAD6interface enables you to extent your program by yourself with self-made plug-ins. Includes source code of multiple sample plug-ins.

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The Right Solution for Any Application

Malz++Kassner CAD6 is sucessfully being used by users in many sectors and for all kinds of drawing and construction jobs. The following list shows some of the possible combinations and uses of Malz++Kassner products:

• Accident Research
• Airplane Models
Architectural Models
• Architecture
• Cadastral Maps
• Catalog Design
• Civil Engineering
• Data Exchange
• Digital Engineering
• Documentation
• Ecology
• Electrical Science
• Electrology
• Electronics
• Escape Plans
• Face Plate Design
• Fire Protection
• Gardening
• Heating
• HP-GL/2
• Illustration
• Interior Design
• Irrigation
• Landscape Design
Laser Cutting
• Laser Image Setting
• Layout
• Mechan. Engineering
• Modeling
• Network Planning
Offset Cutting
• Pixel Images
• Plotting
• Printing
• Process Enginieering
• Safe Practice
• Sheet-Metal Working
• Steel Construction
• Topography
• Traffic Planning
Water Jet Cutting
• Venting

We also offer numerous libraries with prefabricated symbols for different applications of CAD6.

CAD6 in Action:

Automated Guided Vehicles

Custom Track-Planning

Simulation of Vehicle Movement
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