We Train You and Your Employees

In business, all non-productive time is lost time. So don’t waste your precious time searching for solutions to your drawing problems.

Instead, benefit now from our comprehensive knowledge of CAD6 and attend a training. We will show you how to use libraries, blocks, layers, and pens to structure you drawings in a meaningful way. Furthermore, we will discuss all data exchange possiblities relevant to you and advise you how to archive and backup your drawing data reliably.

Especially the online training allows to easily solve all problems you might have in virtually no time. This will save you a lot of trouble, time, and thus money.

For all users of CAD6, we offer two types of training:

Online Training

If your CAD workstation is connected to the Internet, and you can talk on the phone simultaneously, you can make use of the online training. During such an online training, you can see on your screen what the consultant is currently doing in real-time. This way, the consultant can easily address complex problems by means of a simple demonstration – without lengthy explanations.

In the course of such a online training session, it is also possible to change the viewing direction, i.e. the consultant can see what you are doing on your screen. And if you agree, the consultant can even take over control of your mouse and keyboard. This reduces the time required to resolve hard-to-describe problems drastically.

Further advantages of the online training are that you can take small courses (at least 1 hour), and that there are no travel expenses.

In order to attend an online training, you contact us to arrange an appointment. At the appointed date, you only need to connect to the Internet and start TeamViewer:

TeamViewer starten» Download and start TeamViewer

Online training is available in German and English.

On-Site Training

On-site trainings are held directly at the customer’s place. Contents and duration depend on the customer’s specific needs and wishes.

A training should not be attended by more than 10 persons, and there should be one computer available for each attendee. Within Germany, travel fees and hotel costs are included.

Training within Europe can be held in either German or English, please contact us for a detailed offer.



For each training, you require at least one valid license for CAD6studio or CAD6industrie with non-expired Support & Updates.

CAD6 Training

w/o VAT with 19% VAT
Online Training, per hour 125.—  €  148.75 € 
On-Site Training in Germany, per day 1 725.—  €  2 052.75 € 

Suggested retail prices, please contact us to fix a date.
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